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Learning to sing with June is truly an amazing experience ...”

Learn to Sing with June; her expertise and qualifications will ensure you are a recognised professional singer and stage performer in easy-to-follow steps. June’s skill and encouragement will ensure you become comfortable as a performer.

Voice and stage performance

June has been a professional singer and stage performer for over 30 years, and a vocal coach in the Philippines, Singapore, Indonesia and Australia. Her teaching experience spans over 20 years, with student after student praising her for their stage success.

June is based on the Central Coast (Woongarrah / Wyong and Warnevale) of New South Wales, Australia, however she is available for consultancy and teaching opportunities across the globe - whether the contact is in person or via video link technologies.


Contact June
Are you interested to learning and/or improving your singing? Whether you are an amateur, a professional singer, for karaoke or simply passionate about singing, June is available to take your enquiries via email or Australian residents can contact her at her studio location in Woongarrah NSW Australia on (02) 4305 0883

Student Testimonials
Here is a snapshot of just some of June’s many happy students:

“Really life changing experience, never realised how much energy, confidence and excitement I could feel just through singing.Made me realise that singing is not just about hitting notes but encompasses so much more (emotion, movement, empathy etc.) Thank you very much June!”
Stephen Jupp
United Kingdom

“The only systematic voice training I have!”
Erwin Allanigue

“Ms June is an excellent teacher who is patient and also very funny. She makes the lessons fun and lively. I will miss you!”
Sabrina Wee
from Singapore Studio
1. It's a very enjoyable class
2. It made me progress a lot
3. It is something I actually look forward to
4. It had made me more confident on stage and in singing
5. My volume has increased
6. My tone has gotten better
7. I can reach higher notes than I though I could
8. I would definitely recommend this to anyone who wants to sing better

Bea Young (11 years old)
“Very useful for training of singing stamina. Helpful in understanding of support in singing so vocal cords are not strained. I improved quite dramatically over the course of a year. Taping of lessons is useful for practise.”
Sharon Oh
“Has confidence in every student. She has given me valuable and important knowledge to me.”
Yuen Yong Sun

“June had been my vocal coach for about a year. She is a good and dedicated teacher. I have benefitted from the VoicePower lessons. These lessons are truly amazing! I now sing and perform with better confidence.I enjoy every moment of it and I hope can continue with the VoicePower lessons in the near future. Thank you June!”
Tham Chew Kuan
“Her remarkable energy just brings out the best in you ... ”