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I am really pleased to welcome the Asian Golf Group as one of our new sponsors!

The Asian Golf Group is the leader in Professional Golf Event Promotions, Golf Club Services, Golf Excellence Centres and Corporate Golf Activities in Asia Pacific, including events on the Asian Tour and local regional tours. Their mission is to promote the game of golf through strategic global partnerships, deliver exceptional value to partners and respect each partner's corporate values.

Asian Golf Group has over 32 years of industry expertise. Their team has developed, managed and operated some of the leading professional golf events in Asia Pacific along with the design, management and development of some of the region's best, private, public and resort golf facilities.

We are really pleased to have the Asian Golf Group as one of our new sponsors!
Want to know what's happening on the Central Coast of NSW? Then you need 'What's On.'


What's On Central Coast is run by a true local - born in Gosford - and proud of all things Central Coast. This website demonstrates an extensive knowledge and love of the area plus a genuine interest in promoting music, singers, pubs and clubs, dining options, the arts, shopping and all your accommodation needs.

Hop on board and see what the team at What's On Central Coast have waiting for you!
This is the website for absolute singing mastery - Dreamquest Singing Academy.

Have you ever stopped to ask yourself: 'What would happen if I could sing well?'

From beginners to high achievers, Dreamquest Singing Acadmey can teach you how to sing. There are two Australian locations: Melbourne, Victoria and Central Coast, NSW - and the Academy helps you to quickly learn how to discover your musical genius in just 60 days!

Check out the success of How to Sing with the Dreamquest Singing Academy.

For more information, contact:

June Tomada
(02) 8090 4115 or
(02) 4305 0883